Washington Trucking Associations Applauded for Successful Advocacy in Ensuring Truckers’ Bathroom Access Rights

Olympia, WA – The Washington Trucking Association (WTA) President and CEO, Sheri Call, is being applauded for her instrumental role in passing a groundbreaking law that guarantees truck drivers expanded access to clean and safe restroom facilities.

The legislation, signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee, marks a significant milestone in recognizing the vital needs of truckers during their journeys.

Starting July 23, the new law, House Bill 1457, grants truck drivers expanded access to existing bathrooms operated by shippers and receivers, strengthening their rights to restroom facilities.

Introduced by state Representative Eric Robertson (R) and co-sponsored by Representative Liz Berry (D), the legislation ensures that truckers can use existing restroom facilities intended for employees or customers of shippers and consignees.

The legislation received widespread bipartisan support and demonstrated the dedication of lawmakers to address the crucial issue. The law emphasizes that restrooms should not pose health or safety risks to anyone involved in the transportation process.

Building upon a previous law enacted last year that granted truckers access to bathrooms at ports, this legislation is a significant step forward in improving the industry’s standards.

Sheri Call, the driving force behind the successful legislation, emphasized the importance of expanding restroom access for truck drivers. She highlighted the necessity to address drivers’ concerns and ensure their well-being. The Washington Trucking Association remains committed to improving the industry and attracting more women by promoting safety, accommodation, and equal opportunities.

“Our hope is it will make life better, maybe a little easier or maybe send a signal that our truckers need to be taken care of. If we’re going to attract women to the industry, we need to do better in ensuring their safety and accommodation,” Call said. “We must improve conditions for drivers on the road, recognizing that bathroom access is a significant aspect.”

***The passing of the Bathroom Access Legislation ensures that truckers can perform their duties without compromising their health, safety, and dignity. The law not only reflects the recognition of their contributions to the economy but also highlights the importance of preserving the welfare of those who keep the wheels of commerce turning. To read the full article, go here: https://www.ttnews.com/articles/washington-bathroom-truckers

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